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Sarens CC 8800 Boom Booster

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2nd Quarter 2021
1,249.00 incl. VAT1,032.23 excl. VAT

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This high-quality die-cast model in scale 1:50 has a total weight of 27.1 kg and can be configured in a variety of set ups, with the tallest configuration of the model being over 3.2 meters. The model consists of more than 300 unique parts and 1,750 parts all together. The model has opening doors, functional crawlers, movable cabin and separate ballast weights.

The Sarens version of the CC 8800 Boom Booster will have some overall improvements and updates such as:

- Yellow and blue pin connections
- Updated decorations such as windshield wipers and logo’s.
- New and improved build manual.