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Sarens SGC-120 Crane

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Let us introduce you to the biggest crane in the world: the Sarens SGC-120. A ring based crane with a maximum height of more than 200 meters that is capable of lifting 3200 tons up in the sky. To make sure this gigantic structure keeps its balance, the ballast exists of 36 special reinforced 40 ft. containers, which are filled with locally sourced material. It is literary a giant among giants.

It will be no surprise that the scale model of this crane is also enormous. The impressive model has an outer ring diameter of 767 mm, a boom length of 2600 mm and a mast of 1182 mm. The hook measures 204 mm. To prevent a one-week assembly time some parts, like the bottom ring, are prefabricated. However, it is possible to disassemble most of these parts, so they can be transported more easily.

To improve sturdiness and quality most parts of this model, like the bogies and boom, are fully made out of metal. Yet, the upper deck and operator’s area are made out of plastic to improve smooth movability and higher detail.

Seats, screens, winches, controls and even an anti-slip surface give the upper deck and operator’s area a very realistic look. Just like in reality, the containers are empty and should be filled with some kind of counterweight material, like sand or rocks.

To make this model functional, the 6 winches on the deck are connected to pulleys on the boom and double hooks with latches on the hook block, which is already quite impressive without attaching it to the crane.

Both the a-frame as the boom sections come in equally sized parts. This makes it easy to connect each part to the following using the metal connectors and included pins and bolts.

The model is delivered in two large boxes and weighs around 50 kg.

However, nothing is too heavy or too high, right?