New office supplies

We are happy to announce that new office supplies are now available for order online! All products feature the classic Sarens blue and sport a revised brand style.


Want to know what is new?


  • A brand new USB memory stick with a storage capacity of 8GB is now up for grabs. The stick is very practical thanks to its small size and a rotatable metal cover to protect the USB plug.
  • Another new product is the foldable ruler. This measuring instrument is made of ABS-plastic, giving it a smooth and sturdy feeling. The ruler is double-sided and features cm and inches. When folded, you can read the Sarens brand name and logo on its side! Isn’t that fun?
  • A new mouse pad is also out! Many of our fans ask what this very exclusive and unique design represents. The mouse pad background features an artistic interpretation of the first tree trunk great grandfather Sarens was hired to move. It was Sarens’ first big project. In honour of a great beginning for an organisation that is now the leader in the crane business, we started up a hashtag to remind us of how far one can go with hard work. #ItAllStartedWIthATreeTrunk