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Sarens Liebherr LR 1300

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We proudly announce the production of our Sarens LR 1300 with Derrick in scale 1:50! This impressive die-cast metal crawler crane is being manufactured by the German manufacturer NZG and is expected to be available early August this year. The production run is limited to 300 models and can be pre-ordered as of today.

The Liebherr LR 1300 has a maximum capacity of 300t, and can lift to heights of over 170m when rigged with a main boom and luffing jib, and is particularly suited to wind turbine work. The crawler crane can have its lifting duties significantly extended by the addition of the derrick and additional counterweight. This high quality die-cast model includes the base crane with its main boom and the additional derrick, counterweight carriage with 120t of counterweight, and an extra boom and jib section.