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Sarens LTM1400 Classic Edition

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Limited edition available in December

The total production run will consist of 200 models, of which 150 pieces will be available for sale. All models are ready for shipment and we expect to deliver in the first week of December 2019. Each model is packed in a Sarens branded box and comes with a metal plate certificate.
The model appears in a classic edition, characterized by the old cabine, red and white markings and wheels. It carries fleet number 340. The modern version of this beautiful crane appeared several years ago and is still considered on of the most iconic models in the Sarens range.

Highlighted features 

The carrier has fully sprung suspension on each axle and each steerable axle steers.
The cabine and operators cabine have open doors.
Optional spare tire and toolbox can be fitted on the back.
Multiple functioning covers that reveal stunning engine details.
Three hooks are supplied.
Two-stage outrigger beams which can be locked in place at 50% and 100%.