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Sarens Volvo FH16 Globetrotter 6x4 with Nooteboom 6-axle ballast trailer

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This Volvo truck and Nooteboom trailer combination was developed to complete the picture. To make use of the AC-250-5, it is necessary to have a good ballast trailer at your disposal. Together these two make an advanced pair that can transport anything the crane needs to take care of the job, while maintaining its good manoeuvrability.

The model poses realistically thanks to its proper steering movement and the tiltable cabin, which also makes it possible to set eyes on the well designed engine. When taking a look at the underside of this combination, it is obvious that much effort has been put into designing the truck and it even contains a spare tire. This scale model also features high-quality tampon prints, various mirrors and lamps, license plates and many other details. The trailer includes a ballast container and a bulkhead to place on top of the trailer.