The impressive Sarens Boom Booster

We proudly present the development of the impressive CC 8800 Boom Booster. The CC 8800 crawler crane is one of the largest in the world and its lifting ability is further enhanced by the Boom Booster. The Boom Booster replaces the bottom part of a standard CC 8800 boom, increasing its capacity with 60% and more compared to a regular boom.

Sarens was the driving force behind the development of this boom structure as we saw the need for a high-capacity boom to increase the capacity of the CC 8800, a crawler crane in the 1600 tons class.

Together with the crane manufacturer, the Boom Booster was developed, consisting of 5 inserts and 2 adapters with a total  length of 72 meters. The Boom Booster is 10 meters wide and 3,2 meters high, with a total weight of 197 tons. Its elements are assemblies of single girders and lacings with pinned connections. These parts can be stored in transport racks and transported in ten 40’ containers, enabling a fast and efficient worldwide shipment and deployment.


This high-quality die-cast model in scale 1:50 has a total weight of 27.1 kg and can be configured in a variety of set ups, with the tallest configuration of the model being over 3.2 meters. The model consists of more than 300 unique parts and 1,750 parts all together. The model has opening doors, functional crawlers, movable cabin and separate ballast weights.

The Sarens version of the CC 8800 Boom Booster will have some overall improvements and updates such as:

- Yellow and blue pin connections
- Updated decorations such as windshield wipers and logo’s.
- New and improved build manual.

The model can be pre-ordered as of today and will be delivered in May.


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